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Corsair Force GT240 failure

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Hi guys


I recently upgraded from my Force GT120 to a Force GT240 at the end of Janurary. All been fine until recently. Last few days my motherboard has been struggling to boot to the drive, sometimes taking 40secs or more to POST.


Then randomly tonight, my system failed to resume from sleep, and subsequently failed to boot from cold. Eventually when forced to boot to the GT240, I got the dreaded Hard Drive not Found type error. Oh dear I thought.


Removed SSD and connected via a USB to Sata cable, and that is showing as USB DEVICE HAS MALFUNCTIONED. Not great news there.


I own a computer repair company in the UK, and tomorrow I will try my SSD on our data recovery PC which has a known working direct Sata connection to motherboard for testing and data retrieval purposes.


I have in the meantime contacted Corsair for an RMA, but then thought I would check the forums out to see if anyone has any thoughts or advise. I was wondering, would it be worth trying to do a firmware upgrade if the upgrade tool is able to see my SSD?


Find it rather odd. Only a month and a half old. SSD drives in generally rarely fail, let alone Corsair ones! Saying that, I am having a bad week as my Network Attached Storage drive packed in over the weekend due to corrupt firmware and is unable to be reflashed. Not looking to be a great week all in all.


Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Must visit these forums more often as we are keen promoters of Corsair products through our retail store. Many of our gaming builds will consist of Corsair SSD, RAM, Cooling, PSU and Cases. Simply built to last........ maybe my SSD was just a bad apple?? :D:

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Hi Toasted


Interestingly enough, the drive picked up fine on Win7 direct to motherboard.


I swear it is a curse of Win8 causing the issue!! My laptop which I checked it on last night was also win8.


CrystalDisk reports the drive back with good health with only 93 hours use.


Will continue to delve into the problem more tonight when not mentally drained :o:

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