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tx750, possible low voltages....


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reading around the forum, this seems to be a common issue.


my rig has been running strong for over 2 years till the other night when i was editing some video and all of the sudden my computer restarted itself, but did not POST and it just went to the flashing cursor on the left side of the screen.


after many hours of trying different things and eventually taking it down to bare bones (vid card, one stick of ram, cpu, hard drive only) i managed to get a boot, but only after many attempts and rocking the power supply switch off then on. i seemed to be able to add things back, but only some things, and i could add any one or two of them, but not all at the same time or it would hang and go to the flashing cursor. almost every time i would rock the power supply switch before i recieved a successful boot.


at this point i remembered about the dled2 and plugged it in. (dled-2 is a LED on the motherboard that shows the steps during POST and then voltages and temps) this was great as it let me know what was passing and where it was hanging. Prog.clk is where it hangs. if it doesn't hang and goes on to vga, all is great. adding devices makes it hang.


i decided to put it back to where i could boot with mostly success while having the most devices installed..(vid card, 5 out of 6 sticks of ram, pci-e sound card)...but NOT the system hard disk. i plugged in a secondary disk which i could not get added back into the system on a hunch. it POSTs and tries to find a boot device. so i restart and after it hits VGA, i push the system disk in (it's attached to a hot swap connector) and low and behold, she boots and i have access to both drives. obviously i can't try to add anything else (not much in there is hot swappable). strange that it won't boot, but it will run more.


funny part is, i can't even plug in the case front panel connector on the mobo without it crying foul and hanging up on Prog.clk as it always does. i CAN uninstall a bunch of things (ram, pci-e card) from my most successful/loaded configuration and be able to plug it in.


that being said, i am assuming my power supply is weak and needs to be replaced. unfortunately i don't have a volt meter. i could borrow one and get one here but that will take days to a week.


should i just RMA the power supply (5 year warranty) and ship it out. i would hate to have to pay for return shipping if it was fine, just to find out the motherboard was having the issues. but it seems like the supply is the problem.


Additionally, i changed out my CMOS battery on the off chance it was some issue setting a system clock and hanging up the boot cycle (working off of whatever Prog.clk means..).


thank you and i'm sorry about my grammar and syntax, i've been up for almost 30hrs.

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unfortunately i do not have anyone i can bum a power supply off of and it's too damn cold to be going to best buy to buy one to test and then return (i ride a motorcycle and live in NY).


ok, this is maddening!


today, i have managed to add back in all components (except for an optical drive) and it's booting whereas i could barely boot a few days ago in barebones configuration. it seems every time i get something back in, i can manage to get something else in after some time. completely weird.


power supply has to be flakey, right? is this something that is fairly common for failing power supplies, to output voltages that fluxuate wildly?

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