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Corsair 750HX and UPS


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Hello everyone,


I’m currently looking for a UPS for my system and it seems that there is more in buying the right UPS than finding the correct amount of wattage needed.


Okay, the reason for the UPS is that we’ve got hit by several power outages (short and long) due to strong winds and everything winter related.


So a UPS with enough juice for me to make a controlled shutdown of my system would be very welcome.


The reason I’m posting this in the PSU forum is because it seems to be important to make sure that the PSU is compatible with the type of current given by the UPS (sine wave output). And since I want to further protect my system and not fry it during the next power outage, I just want to make sure that everything is compatible.


I’m currently looking at APC back-UPS PRO 1300 and would like to know if this model would play nice with my PSU.


Thank you

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Well the APC website is down right now. But from what I could gather from other sources it’s a “Stepped approximation to a sine wave” whatever that means.


Please forgive my lack of knowledge in this area, but what makes pure sine wave so important that Corsair only recommend this specific type of output?

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Using subjective reasoning, the stepped sine wave output is also pure sine waves. You only need remember Fourier Series in high school math. Stepped waves are nothing more than a sum of 'pure' sine waves.


All electronics is so robust that a stepped wave causes no hardware damage. That same stepped wave can be harmful to electric motors and power strip protectors - devices that are less robust. But any UPS output is perfectly ideal power to any and every properly designed electronics.

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