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Freezing PC Corsair Force 3 60GB fw1.3.3


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Recently(in past 3 days, i own this ssd for almost an year) i started to experience weird random system hangs/freezes. One time system even came out of sleep(dont ask me how and why) and displayed BSOD.


I was watching something on yt and system hanged for 30seconds then most of programs running crashed. And then in windows explorer my system drive C: disappeared, the only thing left was to hard reset my laptop. There are no event logs in for this 30seconds.


I left memtest running over night in 3 passes there was no errors.

I done chkdsk with no errors.


I have Win 7 on my primary drive(Corsair Force 3 60GB).


O and i must not forget to say this SSD was previously in another older laptop(for 2months) with WinXP installed on it, but that was 9 months ago.


It seems like i have same symptoms as this post




Cheers, Jani.


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how i haven't noticed that one i don't know. Anyway i will try upgrade fw and try to reset the drive with hdparam.


Edit: I have another question...what is normal speed for this SDD drive? Because the maximal rw speed i get with ATTO is 300MB/s

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Interesting, i have my drive on Intel Sata 3. its HP motherboard with intel chipset(intel QM67 chipset family) and i get only tops 300MB/s rw. i tried secure earse my drive using

hdparm --secure-erase NULL /dev/sdb from gparted, there was no return msgs or anything and the drive didn't erase nothing.


i must knock on the wood, after firmware upgrade drive works fine(no freezes for 3 days), only i don't know what is with speed.

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Which laptop do you have?



High-speed storage interface supporting up to 6 Gb/s transfer rate for improved data access. Provides up to six SATA ports at 3 Gb/s with up to two ports supporting 6 Gb/s transfer rates.


I'm wondering if HP only enabled SATA II, not SATA III.


Has this SSD (or another) ever tested faster than SATA II speeds?

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I have HP Elitebook 8760w, with two drives.


First is SSD in question, the second is Hitachi HTS727575A9E364


SIW says SSD is connected using Transfer speed ATA-600(SATA 3). Hitachi supports only SATA 2(as SIW states for this drive(ATA-300)).


Both channels should support ATA-600.


Hmm i haven't got any chance to test anything other than these two drives. Only SSD supports SATA 3.

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