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Which is the most reliable Corsair water cooler.


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After owning an h80i for just a day and then returning it due to the awfully buggy software whos sierra2 service messed up my Windows 7 install , i was wondering if any prior release Corsair water coolers were perhaps a better option , especially if used in conjunction with PMW fans and a controller ?

Thanks for any hints and options.

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im using a h80 and a h100 and have good sucess with these coolers

im using the stock fans and have no trouble controlling the speed


Thank you wytnyt .

I was looking at the H80 but was'nt sure the water tubing looked too sturdy when compared to the H80i , is the wavy tubing just as secure ?

Also whats easiest to control the fan speed with ? Speedfan ?

Thanks again .

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the h80 has 3 set profiles on the cooler

basically low,med,high,i use the link to control mine,never used speedfan

you could also use the m/b to control them

the tubing is nice and stury and i actually prefer the ribbed look over the smooth tubes

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