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Corsair Extreme no longer correctly recognized by BIOS / system

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I have Corsair Extreme SSD 64 GB (purchased in 2009). I have used this as a system drive with Windows 7 on it.


All of a sudden, the drive was not recognized after PC startup. BIOS reported it as some "Yougabba Barefoot ROM" drive or something like that. In addition, it listed 128 GB value next to it. In Windows (launched from a different drive), the unit seems as if never used and awaiting formatting in order to be used - basically as if just arrived from the factory, only with a funky name.


My two concerns:

1) Does this mean the data is lost? Or is there any suitable tool that I could try to restore the data from what is now a "to be formatted" drive in Windows? Or was everything simply flushed somehow? Is that how SSD typically collapse?


2) Is the drive useless now? Or can I simply format it (I have not tried yet not to kill any potential chances to restore some of the data) and use again without any worries of being more prone to failure now?


Thank you.

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