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Freezing PC Corsair Force GS 240GB 5.03 FW Rev


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I bought all parts for my PC like 10 days ago and after few days I started heaving problem with SSD freezing my PC. Its not while I'm in games. As example I was on teamspeak3 and realtemp was open too and I wanted to scan my PC using Kaspersky Internet Security and than when I tried to click to close teamspeak and realtemp each of them stopped responding, than I saw hd led on my case lights up constant and my whole pc freezes than restart itself. Than in BIOS I see msg that this boot device is not recognized and go to bios and change settings and my bios cannot see my SSD. I need to power off PC and power on again to my motherboard could see SSD again. I have tried to update my bios than I performed clean instal of windows same stuff happened. I turned off my OC for CPU and I used default settings in BIOS to see if that is a problem of my instability but no, same led light come up and my pc frozes again.

I formated ssd last night using another PC and I installed windows again but few min ago my PC frozed again during antivirus scan. This freezing is not when in any game. AHCI is and was setup from the beginning also I read few topics how to improve SSD in windows 7 and I turned off few things but same stuff happened. I cant update my firmware because Im on 5.03 already. What else I should do before I will return this SSD to the shop on Monday? I had never any problems with OCZ or Crucial ssds. Below some data of my PC, also my atto speed benchmark is fine.



My pc is with all drivers installed and bios updated to the newest:



i7 3930K

Asus P9X79 PRO

Corsair Dominator PLATINUM 16GB 1866Mhz

Corsair Force GT 240GB 2.5" SSD 6Gb/s


XFX 1050W Black Edition Pro

Corsair Hydro H100i



ATTO benchmark:



Device Manager:


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Yes of course! before I installed windows I setup AHCI in BIOS, anyway it was setup as default also I checked different port on my motherboard.

Yesterday all stock settings in BIOS, AHCI mode on, all tweaks for SSD made in windows plus in registry, I was watching twitch stream also I was connected to teamspeak and when I tried scan my PC suddenly my PC freezes again :( Same light from HD lights up solid and my PC restart itself. After restart same msg from BIOS that cannot recognize booting device and simply my BIOS cannot see my SSD. So basically something in windows causing crash of my SSD and after crash even my BIOS cannot see my SSD. Power off and power on brings SSD back in BIOS and than I can log to windows but no errors msgs or BSOD :(


I run:

- memtest86+ - no errors

- prime95 - no errors

- OCCT - no errors

- ATTO showing great results 500+ mb write and read

- Linx - no errors

- I forget name of one programs who run check on SSD and it was saying 100% healthy no errors found :(


My temps are fine Im using h100i and I have good air flow to the case. SSD is not crashing while in games. It looks like something is using SSD in 100% read and write so PC is not responding and than crashes :(


Any idea whats wrong with it?

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