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When you first plug in an Corsair AX860i power supply?


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Hi All,


I have just built my PC from the bottom up. Before building my rig I tested the power supply and the fan spun and it ran as said in the instructions.


My PC has been running smoothly for 3 weeks even after heavy gaming but I noticed that there is no blow out from the back of my PSU, I do not use Corsair link for my PSU, I was wondering, does it automatically monitor its own fan speed, it doesn't seem to even bother spinning, does it decide to come on at certain temperatures?


Basically without Corsair Link it has its default settings, which will look after itself, correct?


I am experiencing no problems but it was bothering me, is it does spinning at such a low rate I do not feel a breeze?


Please help.


Kind Regards,




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Your PSu is fan-less at low loads and temps..so that is why there is no air moving or very little.

It takes a temp of about 45c or so and about 40 percent load on the PSU to get the fan running.


Load Prime95 and furmark at the same time and that should be enough of a load to get the fan to run.

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