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voltage reading incorrect?


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In the power tap, the voltage detected is weird,

the main is 123V, and the 24pin atx 12v is 0A, peripheral 12v is also 0A


I have installed .net framework 4.5 before install the corsair link,

has anyone encountered the same issue?

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netframework has made all sorts of problems, I don't think it related but who knows, try downgrading the netframework or upgrading it past windwos update, google netframework beta. Hopefully the next update will fix this, they have some big shoes to fill.
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Try the new version of the software and see if that helps


Corsair LINK v2.3.4816




  • Windows 8 Support
  • New Hardware Detection and Monitoring Engine
  • Firmware flashing to Commander units prior to firmware 2.06 now supported
  • CPU temperature for all AMD platforms now supported
  • Device Icon’s now have three selectable sizes
  • Communication between multiple devices has been improved

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I had a conversation with John yesterday, and he told me that the weird voltage readings I was getting were due to a problem with the monitoring provided with my MB (ASUS) colliding with the LINK software, and that both ASUS and Corsair were 'working on it'.
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