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A few months ago I upgraded my old 1366 based i7 to the new 2011 based i7. My old CPU was only an 830 so I got a Corsair H50 cooling unit for it. (At the time I didn’t even know who Corsair was, and the H50 was the only liquid cooling unit I had $ left over to afford.)


For the new machine I bought an H100 cooling unit. Sadly to say the H100 had a problem with noise and Corsair offered to replace it with an H100i (which made me really happy because the H100i wasn’t an option I knew about at the time and would have bought it even though it cost a bit more.)


Unfortunately the replacement unit also had noise issue.


But Corsair not only replaced the units without giving any grief whatsoever, they also E-Mailed me prepaid UPS forms so I did not have to eat the shipping charges back to them.



Corsair also, back at the beginning of the H100 problem, sent me an adaptor for the H50 for free because at the time their website had a problem processing the order, so I could use the H50 on the 2011 motherboard to have a quite machine.


Not only has Corsair won a customer for life: Their actions at the time impressed me enough to buy an AX1200i (even though I could probably have gotten away with a 600W supply.) The old modular power supply was like most modular supplies not fully modular (that always pissed me off because there were always extra unused cables that I could not unplug.) And the 8-pin power cable that feeds the CPU was too short to run in the back part of the case because on the new motherboard the connector was located just an inch (maybe two) too far away.


I look forward to saving up for the 900D case when it comes out (while I loved my old Cooler Master HAF full sized tower case, I hate the Cooler Master Trooper case I grabbed without actually looking at it because it was the only case the store had in stock that supported SSD drives and USB 3 ports on the front of the case natively.


And I also look forward to saving up for some Dominator Platinum memory because the memory I bought was also a rushed purchase based on what was immediately available in stock at the store.

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