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Corsair Vengeance 2000 headset no longer functiong


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I've been having my Corsair only 2 weeks now and no longer can I do anything with it.

The problem occured only 1 hour ago when somehow my drivers were no longer recognized.

So I uninstalled everything and reinstalled everything from bottom to top.

Motherboard USB drivers. Vengeance corsair drivers for the headset. And thank god no longer issues on the computer part.

But as of the sound, I still have no sound and my headset is currently showing the blue indicator(signal) constantly without blinking. It's just on. Same goes for the charge up input which is orange and no longer blinks. It's just on.

Scary part is that when the computer is shut down, the blue signal light is turned off but the orange color stays on.

What can I do about this?


I've tried the pairing reset but as my headset is currently not able to be turned off (Since its on the blue indicator non stop) i cannot fully use the pairing reset. Even though ive put a paperclip in the reset port but nothing happened.


I've included a picture on how the headset is looking right now.


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