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Corsair H80i Fan Noisy?


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Hi Corsair Community & Support,

I just recently picked up a H80i and although I love the performance I am getting, The fans are really noisy which is strange because it wasn't like this yesterday. I have just updated to 1.0.5 and it hasn't done anything.


I'm running Dual intake with a Corsair 200R Carbine case, Rubber domes and screws are in nice and snug so I have no idea what the problem is.


Here is a link of my problem, Sorry if I sound like a tool, I was very tired while making this xD



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Is the fan assigned to the H80i temp group?

This is how I have it currently set up.



Have you tried loading a new profile?

I have currently made 3 custom profiles.

1. Low Noise w/ 1000RPM & 2000RPM

2. Downloading w/ 500RPM & 500RPM

3. Max Performance w/ 2500RPM & 2500RPM


Have you tried switching the fan headers on the y-splitter cable?

I'm assuming your talking about the Fan to Pump Header on the Pump itself? I have changed between both sockets and problems still happen.

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