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The story of my Cracked Vegeance 2000s


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I originaly purchased my headphones on 9/3/2013. My gut told me to purchase the extended 4yr warranty on this product, being it was wireless.


Everything worked great on them, infact I was very happy with the sound comming from a wireless set, which I did not have yet. I wasnt expecting audiophile quality, I have several pairs of headphones of audiophile quality when I want to listen to music that far exceed the price of these. I was looking for a decent pair that sounded like they had some life to them, and acceptable for gaming. These have on the most part fit that bill. The mic does tend to be on the quiet side compared to my wired gaming headphones(The Mic Levels has to be really jacked up).


One day I popped over to corsair forums to see if there was any new drivers in the works, when I stumbled upon all these cracked vengeance 2000 posts. That is when i decided to look at mine, and noticed a hair line fracture starting in same place as others. I was a little dissapointed as I had not worn these many times or abused them. I mostly wore my wired pair of headsets that are relatively new aswell.


So after discovering this and looking at many forums including Newegg about simular problems I layed them down on the table cups facing inwards not flat on the table. I was not in a hurry to return them as I had other sets. After a few weeks I decide today to return them. I then noticed the hairline fracture had turned into a complete break across the entire band left to right without any use after discovering the original fracture.


I took them back to the store for extended warranty replacement. I explained what happend. The manager said normaly he would say this is physical and deny the warranty, but it has only been a couple months and approved the exchange (then i proceeded to deal with employee).


The employee said this, (and you can take it for a grain of salt). That for some reason the Vengeance 2000 dissapeared off there shelf for a short period of time, and came back with a new sku number.


I was a little reluctant in taking another set for replacement, after reading replacements for others have broke again, but I am taking a chance because of the little bird saying these are a new sku number.


I mostly turn to corsair on certain products because of there past quality example: my extreme edition dominator ram, my hx power supplies that I recommend without a problem to people, but I feel in some ways corsair is dropping the ball on this version of the headphones. It brings back dear I say it, but memories for some people of OCZ.


I applaud Ramguys responses I have seen, and Corsairs exchanging them without question, and even paying for shipping both ways when this happens multiple times. My problem I start to see though is there is a investigation into if there is a problem which there seems to clearly be, with the entire line or a batch, and there has never been a update of any sort to some very loyal fan's of your company. It leads to this problem where I am being accused of it being physical abuse to the product, and having to defend myself saying hey I took good care of these. Without any notifications if there is infact a defect the customer is left sitting there with a sour taste in his mouth.


Why are they telling me there is a brandnew sku, what has changed?

What happens if this keeps happens again over and over for the life of the headphones?

Sure Corsair will most likly cover there own warranty, but what happens if this keeps happening through my extended warranty phase? Who warranties my extended warranty that I spent extra money on, or am I left holding the bag if this is a defect, and knowone says anything?


I understand that a majority of companies will most of the time handle a situation/path that is the cheapest course, but I have faith in Corsair at some point will acknowledge that there may be a problem, so people are not left holding the ball.


Sorry about the long post, and the grammer lol.

I will try to keep this updated on how this replacement set goes.

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  • Corsair Employee
Hi Tdog, thanks for your story. There is one thing I can clarify for you and that is the SKU for this product has never changed. The original SKU has always been CA-9011115-WW (WW being either NA, EU, etc.) and is only marked as such to denote what language is printed on the box and the region it would sell in. We understand sometimes the headset does break (as mentioned in this forum) but our warranty will indeed cover it if the retailer will not. While our warranty does have a very specific time frame of 2 years, we are not like some manufacturers and will not simply turn away a customer once the time frame ends. If something is to happen during the course of ownership and is not a result of neglect/physical damage, we will step in to assist.
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Thankyou Ramguy for clarifying, and thankyou for the response.


I am not sure what the employee was trying to communicate then, but I do feel better with your response, and hopefully it puts to ease some other customer's as well.


It is great to hear that some companies are still around that try to lookout for there customer's and not simply sell them a product and bail on them.

It is these sort of things that keep us loyal, and comming back.


I still do hope that a answer is found, and given to why there seems to be a certain % of these failing in a common spot.


I will try to let people know how these second pair of cans do.


Thanks again.


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Alright here is a UPDATE!


The replacement pair are starting to devlop a hairline fracture again.


After being aware of this problem. I monitored both sides of the headset, before, and after use. I started to notice the fracture take place with as little as 6 short uses.


On the brightside Corsairs new drivers seemed to have fixed having to crank the mic volume for me.


I have mostly been using the Logitech g35 wired pair, as I am a little spooked about using these corsairs. Althought the logitechs clamp to tight on the head, they are still going strong.


Taking these corsairs back to the store to see if they will honor there extended warr.

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