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Enthusiast Series TX650, disappointed


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I just built a quiet system and this power supply is the noisiest thing in the build. It makes a chirping noise when the fan starts and is not all that quiet once it starts spinning at load. I did some searching via Google and found that many of Corsairs PSU's have this problem. Newegg customer reviews are full of the same issue. Corsair, you are going to lose customers.


I have returned the unit and will search for another "quiet" power supply. I am looking at Nexus brand. Shame on me for not researching this purchase. :[pouts:

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Corsair TX Series™ power supply units are designed for hardcore PC gamers, performance enthusiasts, and anybody who appreciates a combination of high performance standards and affordability. TX Series PSUs are 80 PLUS® Bronze certifed, and are available in both modular and non-modular configurations.

says nothing about quiet.



Corsair AX Series™ power supply units set a new standard for performance, quality, reliability, and energy-efficiency in consumer PSUs. 80 PLUS® Platinum certification guarantees more than 90% efficiency at typical loads, while unflinching voltage stability, low-noise levels, and a fully modular cable set make the AX Series PSUs the ultimate choice for discerning enthusiasts.


does suggest its quiet.


does your store carry the AX series?

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umm, their marketing does state the unit is to be nearly silent and mostly low in audible noise...the chirping on fan start is an engineering flaw.


To me the marketing implies a PSU which is on the quiet side. At load it is most certainly the only component I hear from the system.


Cool and Quiet


The 140mm double ball-bearing fan automatically adjusts its speed to deliver the proper amount of airflow, so high-performance power delivery isn't at the expense of noise. In fact, when you're just surfing the web, doing light office applications or otherwise keeping your TX Series PSU at less than 50% load, the fan doesn't even spin.


The fan doesn’t even spin at low loads, so you’ll enjoy virtually silent operation. And when you’re pushing it hard, the double ball bearing 140mm fan adjusts its speed according to temperature, so it only works as hard as it needs to.


I have decided to get a Seasonic PSU. These version two's from Corsair used to be made by Seasonic as I understand it, but no more. They have a different sub contractor now.

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