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PSU Allergies?


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Hi All - new member here. Coming at you with one that completely baffles me.


So let's begin the story:


I had a TR2 RX 750W for about 3 years, two weeks ago, I press the power button (pc was completely shut down) and BANG! (literally) - then (naturally) the PC refused to turn on. Sniffed around - smelled like something burned inside the PSU.


So I pick up a spare Codegen (can't see a model # on it) 475W from my spares pile, slap it in (no gfx card, etc), and it works fine. So I shopped around a bit and settled on a Corsair AX850.


Installed the Corsair, powered up, everything went absolutely smoothly. (Everything - all components reconnected). Next evening when I get home, PC refuses to turn on. A little red LED on my motherboard was on (it's usually on once the PSU is connected), and nothing smelled burnt. So I pulled out the PSU (completely out of case, not connected to anything) and did the paperclip test - it came on for less than a second (fan only just started to spin) and came back off. Been trying to get through to Corsair TS, but figured I could write a post in the meanwhile.


Right now, I have an Omega 600W (another spare I found) in the PC, and everything's running just fine (but no PCIE conn).


Anyone have any ideas? Is my PC allergic to high end power supplies? :/


Let me know if more detail is needed.


I really hope someone has an idea of what's going on. I think just not knowing is killing me more than losing the PSU(s? - kinda hoping the Corsair magically starts working )

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Just btw:

-No overclocking

-Running through a Tripp Lite SMART1000LCD 1000VA (UPS & Voltage Regulation)

-And now to eliminate the PCI-E (because the lower end PSU's didn't have the connector) I've fashioned a dual molex to PCI-E adapter and hooked the Radeon back up; running through it about 15 mins now, no problems. (Running through the Omega)


Any ideas guys?

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Btw - sleeping, hibernating, restarting and cold booting working fine.


And all voltages look fine from AIDA64 afaik

CPU Core - 1.17-1.36V

CPU VID - 1.18-1.2xV

VBAT Battery - 3.22V

DIMM - 1.58V

North Bridge Core - 1.14V

North Bridge VID - 1.13V

South Bridge Core - 1.20V

GPU - 0.95V

GPU VRM - 0.95V / 2.00A

GPU +12 - 11.94V

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Try using it without your UPS. Corsair recommends a pure sign wave UPS and that unit you have is not. So it may cause issues with the PSU.


Really i believe all your issues are just pure coincidence.


What are the voltages for your Corsair PSu in the BIOS. Just need the 12v,5v and 3.3v readings. everything else is irrelevant.

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