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Ok because I don't know I took pic of corsair link device options. Is everything up to date as far as all my software/firmware versions? I have not

tried to upgrade firmware at all.


I’ve read you can’t control fans that are not shipped with unit is that true?

Using SP120 QE set on top of 600T Silver Edition case and case is cooling well and CPU temps are good but would like to be able to control fans.


Does it mean I have to go back to original fans that came with H100i?


Thanks for any help.


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Thanks Toasted.....


Corsairlink 2 was working except controlling my fans I notice when I installed software that windows 7 wanted to do updates (see pic of which window updates installed) after corsairlink was installed and after updates ran software that controlled led lights is now not working. I uninstalled corsairlink and re-installed but that did not fix.


Is this a known issue and will it be resolved in future software or firmware updates?


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Most people have no issues with the lights....but you did show netframe updates which some people have had problems with, it was suggested to update to the most current netframe, which you have to search the forums for and give that a try, and no windows will not install the newest version automatically.
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Thanks robandcathy's


As you suggested I search for latest .net framework which is 4.5 and after install and security updates to windows, I then re-installed Corsairlink2 and my RGB led lights are all working again. Before all values were 0 and even if I changed the values the colors wouldn’t work but now all are 255 as before and they work when I change them.


Thanks again guys for your help in fixing my issue.



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