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RMA question


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it appears that my H80i is defective and they asked me info for RMA request. They want to know Lot Code and Serial Number which i can't seem to know what that is and where that number is located...(within the box?) also is it okay to not include those numbers?


Also, do I need to send my product to them for RMA process? if yes, the shipping and handling goes paid by me or them?


Sorry...this is my very first RMA and i can't seem to find FAQ about RMA and the website didn't clearly to me.




this is my case #5677949 if it helps.

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If you are within the return policy of your reseller then try to get the unit replaced through them, it may be faster. If you bought it on the Corsair store less than 30 days ago, you can ask of Corsair to cover shipping both ways.


The lot code (something like "????9434") and serial number (12 digits) are on the box and on the rad but you can leave those fields blank or just put "N/A".

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