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Can I run these two 12GB kits together. Even though one is 1.5v and the other is 1.65


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Hi I have 12GB CMX12GX3M3B1600C9 in my PC and I wanted to upgrade to 24GB so I ordered another 12GB.


By mistake I ordered 12 GB of CMX12GX3M3A1600C9 which is identical apart from the voltage.


CMX12GX3M3B1600C9 is 1.5V and CMX12GX3M3A1600C9 is 1.65v.


So I have two options.


1. Send the item back to the supplier for a refund.

2. See if I can get them to work safely together.


It appears Corsair has discontinued the CMX12GX3M3B1600C9 kit because I can't find it anywhere. And all the suppliers in my country are out of stock.


So I have a problem.


What can I do?



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You can try what you like, but i definitely wouldn't try it. Since they have both different requirements the chances of them running together are slim to none.


Corsair does not suggest or support the mixing of kits even if they are the same exact part number. Really your best option would be to purchase one 24gig kit so that all the sticks have been matched. Even if you bought another kit of the same memory you still have no guarantee that they would run together..

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