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Short delay on cold boot with the AX1200i


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I installed a new AX1200i and when I cold boot the fans spin up for a second and then power down for a few seconds. Then it powers up normally and boots into windows. All of the voltages look good. Just wondering if this is normal with this psu? It did not happen on my AX1200 with the same hardware.
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I'm talking about the whole system powered up for just a second and powered down for 3 seconds then powered up normally. I removed the link dongle and now it doesn't do that. Also there was a delay right before the Win 8 login screen which also disappeared after removing the dongle. And there is nothing wrong with the usb header either. Attack of the link again. It's bad enough on my h100i. Also the rails are a bit lower on the ax1200i.


12v is 12.096

+5 is 4.960

+3.3 is 3.264


My ax1200 never got that low. The rails are holding steady without variation though. Does that sound ok or should I be concerned?

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