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I think my psu is going bad. My system will run for a little while then reboot. It does this even when everything is set to stock. I've contacted corsair tech support and trying to work with them. I've done the paperclip test which it passed. I've tried testing the memory but the system will reboot before it can finish the test. My case file number is 5674379.
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What is actually happening? Is the power just suddenly cutting out and rebooting?


I had this problem for a while, thought it might be my PSU, turned out to be a loose cable from my front panel that would short the circuit everytime there was a tiny jolt on the case.


- Check your internal cabling and make sure there's no bare wires or funny wiring (even slightly unseated plugs can cause things to get awry).


- Check your temps on components. My NB runs incredibly hot sometimes and during the day it sometimes reaches a safety threshold and will cut out power automatically. Everest Pro is a great program for monitoring temps.


- Check your GPU temps importantly. There's a common driver error on GPU's currently that will basically make things in your PC explodes if your GPU runs a little hot. This won't cause it to cut t, but it this particular driver problem is linked to incredibly high GPU temps.


Good luck, it's an incredibly annoying problem.

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Yes. The computer will run for a little bit then reboot. I've checked all the wires and no problems their. My cpu, nb, and memory are all watered cooled. I have two evga 670 GTXs and they never really get hot. I'm hoping its the psu. I've borrowed a psu from work and going to see if the same thing happens.
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The same thing happens with the new psu. Any suggestions?


its not your psu at fault then,


disconnect all your drives other than the boot hdd,


disconnect any case fans, [leave the side(s) off if required for this]


if its still happening unplug your gpu's one at a time (physically remove them)


remove all but one stick of ram, test the bootup one stick at a time on the ram (if one refuses to boot its your problem)


if the first test fixes the problem, reconnect the drives 1 at a time, if one of htem causes the problem you have hte faulty part,



really the best option to tet things would be a known good hdd from another system (bootable) then remove everythign other than the cpu from your system and test it in another system if the fault transfer you have the problem item identified easier


also as others said check all your connectors are seated properly



and i just remeberd also use a good light source and inspect your mobo, if you have a fualty capacitor (leaking or distorted) then that will likely be your problem :P

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