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1024 MB on K8T Neo


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I have 2 512MB Corsair CL 2.5 PC 400 Value select VS512MB400 modules.

I also have a 3200 AMD Newcastle and an MSI board K8T Neo.

Yet I didn't get the system working. Maybe something is broken. I gave it back to the reseller for testing.

Now my question.

Is it better to change the two Rams against 1 module. If yes which one should work without problems?

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These 2 modules should run in this MB with out problems, just use slots 1-3 and set the Dim Voltage to 2.7 Volts! However, if you do chnage to another part, I would suggest either VS1GB400 or CMX1024-3200 as they would both be single 1.0 Gig modules and would be best for this MB!
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Thanks for the info.

I try to change the ram for VS1GB400. It the reseller doesn't want to change it I keep the two 512MB modules.

Right now I send the howle stuff back to te reseller anyway, cause I only got a black screen.

Hope I get it startet with my next try.

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