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Very strange M90 issue...


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I use my computer in a darkened room most of the time, with a desk lamp on when I'm browsing, but I turn it off when I play games or watch videos/movies. My desk lamp is roughly aimed at the top edge of my mousepad. The mouse cable runs over the base of the lamp.


Here's the strange thing. When I turn my lamp on or off, the mouse very often disconnects for a moment. I literally just tried it while typing, and the little profile LED disappeared at the exact moment that I flipped the lamp switch.


It also had the general M90 issue of random freezes, but it seems to have grown out of that now, for the most part. Every time it's frozen recently, it's been when I turned the lamp on or off.


Why's it doing this? I can't believe that it's a coincidence, it's happened far too regularly for that.

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