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Asus P9X79 a problem for fitting H100i


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For my new build I had to mount the H100i fans outside on top of the Corsair 600T case, blowing into the case. I had no choice because my Asus P9X79 makes it impossible to mount the fans directly to the radiator and push air through it and out the top of the case.


Impossible because of two reasons: one, the heatsink on the motherboard above the CPU socket and two, the 12V ATX plugs. As you can see in this image there is no way I can mount ANY fans to the radiator, not even low profile ones.


So this leaves three choices, either I leave it as it is with the fans pushing air into the case or I reverse them and suck air out. Or I get an angle grinder to the top mesh to cut a hole large enough for the H100i cooler block and pipes to fit through so I can mount the radiator on top under the removable mesh panel and the fans can be then be mounted inside the case pushing air out.


Any advice?




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Well, I didn't have to anything so drastic instead I took a good look at the H100i and figured it must be possible to mount it further away from the motherboard by using the holes in the mesh to screw it in. The holes didn't quite line up so I went at it with a drill (the mesh, not the radiator!). I could only get three screws in though instead of the full eight but it's very secure.


Now I've mounted the fans directly to the radiator inside and blowing up and out. Much better.





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