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A Few Questions About The H100i...


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I have ordered this cooler and it has arrived, but will only be able to test in about 2 weeks, But I have some general questions about it...


1, Has the pump noise and fan rattling been fixed?

2, Are the included fans any good?

3, Which fans can be controlled through the Corsair Pump (ie through Corsair Link)

4, Should I mount in push or pull, or is push/pull worth it?

5, Will the SP120 fans be controllable through the Link?

6, Can I connect a cooling/lightning node to the Commander link on the pump?


Thanks very much for answering these

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1)Yes, they replaced the fans with PWM fans that was causing the pump noise. Actually they sell tens of thousands of these units a month so while there was an issue it only affected a small percentage of them. In the event you would receive a unit with out the PWM fans you can request them and Corsair will send them to you free of charge.


2)Absolutly! They are actually a pretty good fan and are tailored to the cooler.


3)There is no other official list and some are hit and miss depending on the fans specs.


4) either, or...the difference is only like 2c. But water cooling in general you would want the coolest air possible going over the RAD.


5)They are not as of yet. Unless the new est software adds support for them.


6)No, you would need the Link Commander unit and then you could connect everything to one unit.

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In my opinion Corsair should have worked hard on H100 and should have made a noise less product.

Adding link commander has complicated the problem. Now we have 3 problems; Fan noise,pump noise and Link commander not working properly.


My retailer (one of the biggest in India,PrimeABGB) is yet to introduce the new "i" series. He is aware of the problems and probably waiting to get these sorted out. Normally he stocks it within 2 to 3 months after the product gets launched.The "i" series is yet to hit his shelves.

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Ok, Mine comes with 2x 3pin fans, I thought they started to ship out with 4pin? Or did they?


Later batches should come with PWM fans. If you are having issues with the 3pin fans causing noise to the pump, request an RMA for the PWM fans and we will send them to you but make sure to flash the cooler to 1.05 first before using the PWM fans.


Peanutz answers were spot on...

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