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H100i arived after RMA-ing h100 - fans are so loud


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As title say, finally got my replacement.

Old h100 just stopped working.. pump worked, fans worked according to system rpm and everything but temperatures way waaaay hihg 90 degrees like there is no cooler at all.

Anyway RMA process was painless and got my h100i.


Everything works fine, cools CPU really really great but stock fans are really really noisy.

As soon as they go over 1200-1500rpm they are really really loud.


So I was thinking to replace them with pair of Noctua NF-F12 PWM.

A bit expensive but saw couple reviews and they seems to be pretty prety good.

Considering that this is my main comp and being in living room, working 24/7.. something a bit less loud would be great.

Now I'm wondering if there are any problems with replacing stock coolers with something like this?

Problems with CORSAIR Link or anything to be aware of?


Also when using this comp for work CPUs is at 100% so using only fixed RPM at something not so loud is not really an option.

Any opinion would be great.

Thank you!

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I just went back to the stock fans after run the noc's on my H100i. Temps have dropped almost 10 degrees under full load in Prime95 while oc'd to 4.6 while on "performance" profile mode. I found the Noc's did not have sufficient RPM's to properly work with my setup, at least when they were hooked up to the Corsair unit (maybe that was an issue). I am running them in a 600T in pull config, with the fans in the top compart and rad mounted on ceiling of case. Basically how they say to do it, but pulling out air instead of pushing in.


I had the noc's running well as a push pull with my H80, but for some reason they do not work well as pull with the H100i, at least for me. Just a heads up from my experiences.

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