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Force 3 RAID 0 issue


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Hi All,


I have the "error occurred (0)" issue on my raid set up.


Apologies for the poor picture!


I have had this issue before, roughly 10 months after purchasing. I formatted and re installed everything and it worked perfectly for another 4 weeks but its happened again.


I have the most up to date BIOS and firmware installed. I have tried all the advice I have read on these forums but to no avail.


Is it possible that the ssd is faulty and needs to be returned?


Any advice welcome. I am not the most techincahly gifted individual though :bigeyes:


Thank you in advance


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Hi All,


Since my post the system crashed and forced me to format. I have undone the RAID 0 and installed windows 8 on the "good" drive.


I just checked the drive that was showing the error with HD Tune Pro, the error scan comes up with no issues!! However Health tab shows a warning, I have attached a screen shot to show the two highlighted issues.


Can anyone shed any light on this for me please?


Thank you in advance.




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