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Corsair H100i and SP120 Quiet Edition Fans


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Hello, Just curious as to how well the sp120 quiet edition fans work with the corsair h100i? I'm thinking of running four in push/pull on my corsair 600t case.

Also, how did you go about hooking up four fans for it?


Thanks for any info! Sorry if questions are a little silly... this is my first build and I'm new to all of this... Thanks again!

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I've got a 600T Silver Edition case with SP120 QE on top of case and an AF120 QE in case rear. Corsairlink 2.2.0 seems to be working well but not sure since software seems to be buggy. Still need to stress test system only been up for a week now just letting it all come together. I re-seated the H100i due to bad instructions and my own (not paying attention to back plate when installed) after reading tons of issues with loose plate I re-examined my Hydro install and found it lacking proper install. Use TX-4 thermal paste to re-seat unit and temps look good.


Have not tried to upgrade firmware on H100i but it has 1.0.5 so I think it's the latest (could be wrong about that). Just surfing and idle case fans with H100i are a small quiet hum.


Fans in CPuid monitor

Fanin0 (I think are my SP120 plugged into H100i Pump)

Fanin1 (AF120 plugged in headed 1 on motherboard)

Fanin2 (Case Fan in front 200mm plugged into headed 2 on motherboard)

Here are my temp in snapshots.




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