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Obsidian 800D "old" version front panel & hot swap pcb


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I just recently upgraded my trusty but really old case ( a CM Stacker 810 bought in '05...) and bought the 800D especially after having first hand experience of Corsair's excellent customer support. The case is all I was expecting it to be and although not cheap by any means, it does make "sense" for what it is at the price it is.


Unfortunately though I am unlucky enough to have gotten one of the old stock cases it seems, since it has the USB v2 front panel instead of the USB 3 and also the backplate for the hot swap drives is sata 2 instead of the newer sata 3 :(


Can someone advise me what should i do to replace them ? I checked already at the retailer i got it from and they don't have nor ever had any upgrade kits for the 800D and buying the parts directly from Corsair's US bases shop is going to be very expensive due to import taxes and shipping (shipping only would be more than the parts...). Any chance I can get the parts swaped for free directly from Corsair ? (send the "old" versions back and get the updated ones)


Any suggestions and help on this matter will be appreciated, I really hope Corsair's support on this will be at the same level as they did for my recent HX PSU issue.


Thanks in advance,



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