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Front panel USB 3.0 Ports not working on 400R Case


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I recently finished my build and my front panel USB 3.0 ports were initially working normally. Now they are not functioning at all. I can insert any device (2.0 or 3.0) into the ports and nothing registers.

  • All ports (USB 2 and 3) on the back of the case are functioning normally
  • The supplied USB 3.0 cable is attached securely to its proper header on the motherboard
  • The fans, LED's, power, and reset on the front panel are all working properly

I can't think of many changes I made since the last time the USB ports were working. I did:

  • connect two case fans with 3 pin connectors to the motherboard
  • perform some Windows updates, and
  • connect a USB hub to one of the rear USB 2.0 ports.

Other than that, all should be the same since the initial build, when the ports were working. Suggestions?

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