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What motherboard/cpu for 4 X 16GB?


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I accidentally ordered 4 sticks of Corsair CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10 (each is 16GB, 2x8). I hate to return them, since CS6 will probably like all that ram, but I'll have to replace my motherboard & cpu.


My question is, what board/cpu can I buy and stay under $500? I've spent hours Googling around and can't find an answer.


Many thanks!

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The main problem you'll have is compatibility between 4 kits. There's no way to guarantee that the CPU will like running potentially 4 different ICs together, let alone stable. I'd recommend returning it and purchasing one kit that meets your needs.


As for motherboards that can use 64 GB (or higher), you can use the more options area on NewEgg to find 26 listings (22 for 64 GB, 4 above that) for Intel motherboards that can handle 64 GB of memory or more.



25 motherboards with a 64 GB max for AMD: http://www.newegg.com/AMD-Motherboards/SubCategory/ID-22#

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Thanks for the super-fast reply! I didn't know about "kits", but after reading your post, I carefully inspected my memory sticks and found that one set of numbers was consecutive on each of two sticks but separated by a half-dozen numbers between the sets. I suppose that is how I determine the sets(?) So, I'll return one set and search newegg for a compatible board. Are there any boards that you can recommend that are perhaps easier to setup with this memory for a non-tech?
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The version numbers are the easiest way to differentiate between kits. More than likely you received multiple versions.


Also, I'm assuming you're upgrading your CPU as well?


You're returning only one out of 4 kits?


4 sticks = 2 kits = 2 x (2 x 8) = 32 GB. Did you order two kits, or four kits?

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Not sure just what a "Kit" is. I ordered two boxes of Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8). Under the bar code are the following sets of numbers:

16GB (2x8GB) 150954 130407808 - the next stick is the same except middle number: 150955


The other two sticks are same except middle #'s are 150961 & 150962.


Therefore, I assumed I could return one pair and buy motherboard/cpu that could accept the second pair. I haven't built a system in over five years, so I am quite rusty, but it seems I need a board that can take at least 2 ram sticks of 16gb each. But most boards seem to take only 8gb per slot and total 32gb.


Also, your link brings up a newegg page that has only AMD motherboards. And none of those will take a 16GB stick - they all seem to be 4 x 8gb slots with 32gb max (I checked six of them).


Are there no Intel motherboards, in my price range that will take this memory?

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Not sure just what a "Kit" is.
A kit is one package of memory. In this case CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10 is one kit.


CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10 is:

CMZ = Corsair Memory Vengeance

16G = 16 GB total

X3 = DDR3

M2 = 2 Modules

A = secret sauce :)

1600 = 1600 MHz

C10 = CAS 10 memory


So in otherwords, CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10 is a 16 GB kit of memory comprised of two 8 GB modules. The biggest module out is 8 GB.


I originally thought I was buying a total of 32gb with these 4 sticks. But upon reading info in box & ram, I am thinking I got 4 sticks of 16gb each?
You purchased 2 kits of CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10 , so 32 GB total, 4 x 8 GB.


Each kit of memory can be made from different memory chips (ICs), and CPU memory controllers may not like mixing ICs.

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Still waiting to find out if I have four sticks of 8gb or 4 of 16gb and whether I can use all four in one motherboard and if so - which motherboard/cpu combo would be best (under $500 please). Thanks.

It's just about impossible to match memory to any motherboard. You always buy the board first and then get memory recommended for that Mb by the manufacturer or memory compatibility lists.


It's probably best to just return what you bought and then start with the MB of your choice first. Or pick one and see if the kits you bought are on any of those compatibility lists.


Really, it would be best to return the memory anyway and get one single 64 gig kit if thats how much memory you are wanting. But of course the MB you choose must be able to utilize all 64 gigs


As far as a CPU goes, that again would be something you need to figure out what would be best for your needs.

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