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I understand that this PSU's fan doesn't turn on unless it exceeds a certain temperature/load. When under load, the PSU fan will turn on for 20-30 seconds, turn off for 20-30 seconds, and repeat. I have already RMA'ed my PSU once for this problem, but the problem still exists.


According to eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Lite, my system should use about 600W. I just ran Prime95 and MSI Kombustor simultaneously to try to get the PSU fan running. With all 4 CPUs and my GPU at 100%, the PSU fan still exhibits the same behavior. I'm not sure what the temperature inside my case is, but the CPUs hovered at about 70C and the GPU at 62C.


Should I bother trying to RMA my PSU again?

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Does it make a sound when it does that? The fan is controlled via PWM, so fan are controlled by pulse, it would spin and stop at certain load and temp.


If the are no noise at all from the fan, then that is perfectly normal.

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