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Upgrading and got a question

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Ok, its been awhile, (since the launch of the P55 chips) that i've upgraded.


well I moved to the lga2011 platform , and got the rampage iv.


now today i got my tracking but i havent ordered my ram yet and im looking at my case and going, wait... will it fit? as to what im talking about the board has 4 ram slots on each side of the MB... and i notice that my H80 is close to the current water block (i plan on reusing said block LOVE IT).


I have the Thermaltake Armor+ the big case, i havent ordered any memory as im confused with asus QVL and what works and what doest. and now i have a fear that i cant use my H80 as it might be close or over said ram slots.


I know the bord is an extended ATX but now im scared lol.. :confused: :bigeyes:


Any input would be nice, and whats a good 16gig kit "NOW" that i could throw another set later to make 32gig? and doesn't brake the bank (150ish)??

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yeah, that was an option till i looked again and with the Armor+ case the PSU is above it... I Figured it out thou... cost me 167 but just got a new case lol... figured the Armor+ has done its job, time for a newer one, and maybe get the H100 cooler down the road.
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