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SP 120 High Performance Fan damaged on first day! What should I do?


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Hello guys, my first post here and unfortunately it's a bad one!


I have a Hyper 212 + cooler and was using a pair of R4 fans, they died yesterday, so I went to shop to buy one. Honestly I didn't know about Corsair fans but I saw the specs of the SP 120 and loved it, so bought instantly.

Came home, while trying to mount that clip that came with Hyper I saw that I had to push the screw (those came with SP 120) very hard! I didn't do it. Googled a bit and saw that it's normal. So I went on and screwed them hard, all were okay until the third screw, when I tried to firmly screw it suddenly that rubberized part broke and the screw got stuck with that rubberized part :[pouts: and the clip hole of the Hyper also broke!

I was shocked :eek: and :mad:

Then I tried to detach the screw with that rubberized part, but couldn't do so! So I pushed in another screw (one I had, kinda huge), obviously there was no thread, so I just pushed it and as it was bigger than the clip hole of Hyper it somehow stayed, barely got stuck I should say.

I mounted the fan to the cooler, but obviously I am sad. I don't like a new product being damaged and all. Well I know by now you must feel I am a noob, well all I can say I assemble everything by myself for past 5-6 years, and NEVER broken anything!

So what should I do? Does this fan have any warranty or something?


** I think this forum is U.S based, but I live in India. And I can't find any Indian redirection of Corsair website, which is pretty disappointing to be honest. Any email support available for India? or what should I do?


PS: I took a photo of that broken screw + rubberized part! Pardon the mobile shot!



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I wouldn't have bumped it if I wasn't panicking. Sorry for that.

Btw- The fan is running fine btw. It's more or less gripped on the Hyper, and it isn't vibrating too. 2280 was the max rpm I monitored.

I wouldn't have thought about this issue if I not have to sell it when I will sell the cooler and upgrade. Don't know what should I do?

I don't understand why Corsair put something like rubber in a screw hole!

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