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HX1000 - Under-Amped for my setup?


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Hi Guys,


Firstly appologies if this is in the wrong section


I have been looking around the web and have the concern I may be under-amped regarding my setup. I am currently experiencing problems with my HIS 6990 dropping signal to the monitor during attempted gameplay/some bootups and woud be very grateful if someone more knowledgeable could set me straight, as it were.


My setup as is follows;


i7 920 2.66 (had a 3.2Ghz overclock I would like to reinstitute if possible)

EX-58-UD5 Motherboard


8 HDD (1 Vertex 4 512MB, 6 WD 3TB Greens, 1 1.5GB Seagate)

HX1000 PSU



During my websearch I have read the HX1000 delivers 40amps but the 6990 requires 45amps. I have read elsewhere that this includes CPU/Motherboard? I have tried Rail 1&2, should I try a split the GFX card between Rail 1&2 or would this be a bad thing due to the split power supplies inside?


I am not too knowledgeable (as you may tell lol) and though I would come to the PSU suppliers site to get the hard facts instead of coming to incorrect conclusions on my own, as if it is not an under-amp\similar problem I can only think of discarding the 6990 as the problem would be self contained? (and it is out of warranty)


Thankyou for any clarity you can bring :) , please let me know if you need any more detailed information to help

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