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I have a H100i and was thinking of buying som new PWM fans because the ones that cames with the H100i is only 3 pin fans.


I would also like to have it in push/pull so need 4 fans in total.


If i buy some new fans do i have to install the latest firmware ??


because it says this on the firmware page : "This Version adds support for our PWM Fans and should work with most PWM Fans. Our Fan PN# CO-8950002 & CO-8950003 And will correct the fan noise some have experienced.

If your cooler is working properly DO NOT do this update it is released to help solve a specific issue and not everyone will have to do this update. "


I don't have any problems with the fans (3 pin) that came with the H100i but if i buy 2 more PWM fans, do i need to install the firmware to control the rpm on the fans.


Does anyone know where and if Corsair will sell those fans CO-8950002 & CO-8950003


Or if anyone have a better pwm fans that i should buy, that works with firmware 1.04

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