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Hello, I would like express my dissatisfaction with my current experience in regards of Corsair's RMA process.


I have purchased the RAM as I believe in Corsair's standing and efficient products in regards of memory excellence, but unfortunately I'm having an issue with the process.


I have submitted an RMA for defective RAM the 02/02/2013.

I have submitted an update to receive the acknowledgement of the RMA so I can proceed with the shipping of my defective RAM. this was the 04/02/2013.

I have called the customer hotline to receive information about why I did not receive an update in regards of the RMA. this was the 06/02/2013

I have received the RMA email confirmation. now this has taken almost 4 days just to get the process started.

I have shipped the defective RAM the 07/02/2013 with insurance. (CX489910690CA)

I have the confirmation from Canada Post that the ram has arrived the 13/02/2013, as stated on the website there's a possible 24 H delay before an update.

I have sent an email requesting an update the 14/02/2013. No reply

I have sent an email requesting an update the 15/02/2013. I received a reply saying it was forwarded to the receiving department.

I have requested a status update the 18/02/2013. No reply

I have requested a status update at the end of the day the 18/02/2013. I had to open a new user in your forums to understand that this was a US vacation.

I have called the 19/02/2013 asking for an update where I have been told that you have requested updates from the receiving department and you did not receive any updates.

The ram has been shipped the 20th of February.

Looking at the tracking number, UPS received the ram the 25th, and i will not received it before the 4th of March. This is getting out of hand.


Now, I am extremely disappointed in the fact that this process was not seamless and I still have to ask you for updates. This is not value RAM this is performance equipment required for my day to day work and this have impacted my ability to work.


I have another 16 GB of corsair vengeance RAM which I hope doesn't fail since the RMA is horrendous.


I am unable to get a satisfactory answer from anybody at corsair. The only compensation I get is a refund on my shipping fee's, which is a disappointment.



Please act accordingly.

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry but did they contact you with an update?

And I have sent them a message to contact you again, if you still have not heard from our customer service I would suggest calling them by phone.


EDIT: They just told me your replacement was shipped and the UPS Tracking number is 1ZA3968E6848283704 and should be delivered tomorrow.

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