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Overheating GS800


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I Just bought a GS800 and I have noticed it runs VERY hot, the fan only runs during the start up self test and does not run again after that.


I ran P95 to crank the load and temps in my machine up, it got to 68 degrees C in the case and still no fan activity.


I am worried that the heat soak from this hot PSU is going to damage my other components.


could you please let me know if they is normal or do I have a PSU with a faulty heat sensor?



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Run Prime 95 and furmark at the same time and see if the fan starts then. It will only start when needed or it reaches close to 50c and about 40% load.


Can you put your hand on the PSU? How long did you run P95?


PS..."Heatsoak" is in no way going to damage your components. Maybe in days gone by, but not with modern components. What are you using for CPU cooling?

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