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A big thanks to the team Corsair


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Had a bad TX750 that kept buzzing ...it was the fan trying to turn on even during idle. Very annoying. Raised an RMA as suggest by RAMGUY. Had to call Customer Service to chase who promptly sent an advanced replacement.

The second TX750 was worst than the first.

Another call to customer services put me through to tech support where I explained what was happening and mentioned that I had reported the problem here and RMA'ed as suggested by RAMGUY. James in Tech support was very understanding after I explained the story.

I upgraded to AX760.


Played with it this weekend and absolutely no issues (touch wood) with this replacement. No buzzing...no whinning while off or in standby...very quiet fan even during full load running prime95 at 4.6Ghz...excellent.


So a big thanks to the whole crew and helpers here...much appreciated.

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I showed my videos my PSU behavior but not if I did not get a concrete answer (what do I do?) or i'm not understand the answers (use a translator, I'm from Argentina).


Will my PSU need a replacement? These are my videos:






The second video shows same as mine problem except mine was louder.


I would raise an RMA, get a case number and then call customer service (use SKYPE for a free call to the USA). Explain the problem. They will most likely put you through to tech support. I am sure thy will help you out.

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Maybe he will find calling the US a problem as he uses an aregentinian>english translator for text and is having difficulties with replies. Suppose maybe there are bilingual CS\techies


Yes, I use translator. I'm from Argentina and I speak Spanish. I have one more query, the PSU was purchased in the U.S. (Newegg), but my uncle bought it and has already traveled. Me I can handle the RMA from Argentina? Do I have some documentation papers purchase?

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Yes, you do qualify for RMA even if you are in Argentina.. the RMA process is valid world wide. Just use the link on the left and submit an RMA request.


OK, not how to use it. I have no purchase papers and my uncle and traveled to the United States. Not if I can handle the RMA without the original, but I have the warranty that comes in the box.

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