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Computer only turns on when PS is turned off and back on


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I purchased a TX 750 last November. It turned on the computer normally, but when I would shut the computer down, the mother board would flash a post code and would not boot. I would have to turn the power supply switch off and back on to get the computer to boot. Everything would run fine until I shut it down and tried to turn it back on again, repeating the original problem. Eventually, the computer failed to boot even when switching the power supply off and back on again.


I was issued an RMA and received back a new TX 750. Installed it, booted the computer, and everything worked normally. On the first shut down and reboot, I had the same problem. The motherboard flashed a post code without booting. It only boots after shutdown when I switch the power supply off and back on again.


I first thought the motherboard was the problem, so I got an RMA for that, but with the replacement, I still had the same issues. I tried a cheap Dynex power supply and had no problems with it. Sometimes I want to cry; I just want my new build to work properly.

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