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Thermal Paste for H50 / new Hydro


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Hello I have an H50 on my current system which I plan to put on a new PC I am building.


Now the H50 should be cleaned and reseated on the new rig so I would like to know what is the recommended thermal paste I should use.The CPU I want to cool with is an i7 920.


Now for my current rig I am between H55 and H60.My needs are 120mm fans, good performance at the lowest noise possible.I might implement the push/pull dual fans design as I already have in my H50 (thanks to Corsair blog).


Any recommendations / advice will be appreciated. :sunglasse

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Original quote from Ram guy


With any of our coolers you will want to use TIM that is thicker than AS5 and will not need time to seat. I would suggest using Shin Etsu TIM on most of our coolers or if its not available then you can mix AS5 and the Silicone H/S compound that is white at about 50/50 ratio for best cooling and you will want to put a thin even coat on the cooler or CPU enough to white wash the surface but not so much it flows over.


Hope this helps. But if you do not have something like this available to you,then just try to get something that is close.

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Hello peanutz94.


I am looking for Shin Etsu but I am not sure if the one I found (Ebay seller) is the original one.On the other hand I could get Noctua NT-H1 or Arctic MX-2.Would you consider one of them equivalent or close to Shin Etsu?


To be honest I would like to stay away from AS5 or mixing things with it.



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Really what ever you can get your hands on will be fine. It's not going to effect your temps very much at all...if any. So don't go out of your way looking for the exact TIM.


This is just what RamGuy suggests to be close to what comes pre-applied but in no way is a "requirement"


Shin-etsu is a little thicker than some of the others, so if you can get your hands on that it would be just fine. It's really one of the best out there all by itself!.:) I personally can't comment on the others you have listed, i have not used those. I have used MX-4 and that also works fine. I have even used BestBuy's Dynex brand with good results for a cheap TIM.


But again , it's not going to make or break your temps.


What i can tell you to stay away from is any of the "diamond" TIM's. Like IC Diamond...They contain tiny abrasive particles that can rub the smooth finish off the bottom of the cooling block.

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Yeah Noctua is thick as well that is why I thought of it.But Arctic MX-4 is also available to me as I just checked so I might get this one.


I don't know but have read some really odd reports of reseating "hydros" applying differents TIMs with various results - that is why I want to stay as close as possible to the official path.


What do you think would be more suitable for my 2600k, H55, H60 or even higher? I am planning on some OC this time so I might even consider the H80i still not so sure of it.I am not exactly the "OC to the limit" guy, I rather prefer finding the "sweet spot" (temps, power consumption, fans' noise).


Thanks again!

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