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Neutron 120GB Stuttering


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I am having stuttering on the Corsair SSD listed above, I have applied the regedit fix for ACHI mode but still receive stuttering. I have also tried derfragmentng the drive. This is a clean install of windows 7 x64 ultimate after a secure erase. The main board being used is a MS-7525 and is in the primary sata connection. Is there anything else that would stop the stuttering?


The solid state is brand new but not longer carried.


when benchmark is done I will add graph


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did not update bios as the only update makes the geforce 210 more compatible. HP/compaq boards are supposed to have it already enabled. other wise the only option i have is to enable/ disable sata1 controller. This is why I did the registry version. and what chipset would i have to look at updating?
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I might be misunderstanding but the only chipset i see is the g31 express which is for graphics.


link to mobo



here is another benchmark


i need to somehow enable ahci mode despite not having the option in the bios. any help is greatly appreciated. narrowed it down once i looked more closely at the controller it is using. intelide.


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