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After I installed Windows 8 Pro, I continously had "DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION" error and after several Power on/off routine my pc starts up and while surfing or doing anything it crashes. I think this is because of 780i SLI chipset (nvidia drivers installed). After I updated to 5.03 firmware (I use a different pc to update firmware) everytime (5 times in total) pc starts up OK. It only restarted once during operation due to some crash.

I have some questions:

1) Is there a change after 5.02 so 5.03 works without "DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION" error?

2) With my Asus Striker II Formula card and Corsair Force 3 SSD , what is your recommended action to achieve a stable system?




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NVIDIA NForce doesn't have any supported drivers for Win8.

Did u try reinstalling Win8, but without attempting to install NVIDIA IDE/AHCI Drivers. As those drivers are most likely your issue. You should still be able to achieve AHCI mode and speed with the built-in MS Win8 OS driver.


TBO, it's recommended that SandForce SSDs be used in conjuction with an Intel or AMD SATA Chipset.

Most other brands of chipsets could have adverse effects on SSDs, or random fail to detect them, etc.

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I really appreciate your reply.

When I installed Win8 , there was no option to install nvidia AHCI drivers and as far as I know nvidia nforce does not support AHCI.I have read some articles about using Intel drivers instead of nvdia but I do not know how.

Any suggestions?

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