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Strange problem


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Hey guys.


So I recently purchased the Corsair HX1050W PSU off of NCIX.


Everything went all fine and dandy but when I opened the box and looked at the power supply, strangely it says 2 different things. It says on the back, and the bottom that it is a 1050W PSU. But on the sides it says HX750.









So I'm not entirely sure what I should do about this. If I should contact Corsair, or NCIX.


Any help is appreciated!





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That looks extremely suspect to me. Look at the screws used to attach the power cord. One is silver and one is black. I would let Corsair get a hold of this . I'm sure they would want to see it.


Just hang on until technobeard or Ramguy see's this before you do anything.


Was that box shrink wrapped?

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The screws are both black.


It was just the lighting, sorry about that.


No there doesn't seem to be any warranty stickers on the actual PSU itself. There is just the two stickers on the sides saying HX750, the one on the back saying HX1050. There is also 4 stickers on the bottom. The one very large one displaying all the Outputs and inputs. A sticker with the Serial number on it, a sticker saying "Q.C. passed" and a sticker saying "Hi-POT OK".


The PSU did come with a warranty information booklet though.

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No it definitely was not shrink wrapped.

It's obviously been tampered with. The box should have been shrink wrapped. I would also try contacting NCIX but i have a feeling RamGuy may want that back at HQ.


There should also be a warranty seal somewhere on a case seam.


There also doesn't appear to be any screws on the top of the case in your first pic. The screw holes look empty.

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