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Memory for Asus P5P41C


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I have MB Asus P5P41C with DDR2 4GB memory (VS2GB800D2 2-kit). Before that I had VS1GB533D2 one. And they both were working great. So I have decide to upgrade and bought CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 as I've been always satisfied with Corsair even though rams are not on QVL. Unfortunately, new one doesn't work. I guess MB doesn't like it (yes, MB supports both DDR2 and DDR3) So... I've been thinking... go with ValueSelect ones again. I want to go for 8GB once again.


Can you help me out, please?


Thank you in advance for the answer

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I'm sorry, but at this time Corsair doesn't have any memory that would be compatible with that MB anymore. Any of the DDR2 modules currently in production would be made from 512mb IC's and that chipset has a limitation of memory modules constructed from 256mb IC's.


You may have a hard time finding memory for that MB anymore. DDR2 memory is just about EOL.

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