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Corsair flash voyager usb 3.0 dead... again....


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Less than a year ago bought Flash Voyager usb 3.0 16gb. A month latter pc stopped recognising it. Took it to the shop where I bought it and they sent it for a replacement. Lost important info that was on that flash drive.... Well got my new flash, but I was afraid to use it and lose my data again :) so next couple months it was only used as a keychain. One day I decided to use it again and what do you think :) its DEAD AGAIN. Took it to the shop again, and they sent it to replace again. Got one more brand new flash drive :) Didn't use it for few months, then I decided to check if it is still alive (just out of curiosity) and..... Nothing.... Its dead :) again!!!!! I've lost the receipt for that flash, so I cant bring it back to the store and get a replacement again... So what should I do now? Yeah right the almight RMA... I should fill it and send the flash drive to you... pay the postage, waste my time and then you will send me another dead peace of rubber? What are you thinking guys by making such a crap and selling it?
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Corsair is my favorite corporation that manufactures USB flash drive, but my latest Voyager 32 3.0 stopped working, as many such in the world.

And Eureka!!! Serbian discoverer has found a solution? I found a program AI_Recovery_V2.03.rar and I thank the writer of this software.

Just install and run on a USB drive automatically finds and fixes.My Vojager live again.

So go ahead and try.



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