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M60 Cursor moving by itself


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Hi guys.


I recently bought my new Corsair M60 mice, but I am having bit of a problem with it. The thing is that when I leave the mouse standing still, some seconds later and the cursor starts moving by it self.

When I bought it, I plugged it in the USB 3.0 and updated the firmware, also installed the new driver. I also tried the 2.0 USB port but didn't work, still moving.

Also, I can't make those small buttons above Sniper Buttno work on games, neither on windows! It should go back and forward with the folders and internet pages, but it doesn't.


Anyone with the same problem?


PS: My motherboard is the Asus Crosshair Formula V, fully updated (even BIOS).

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I use Razer's mousepad Goliathus, but I will try washing it.


The buttons doesn't work, I have read the User's Guide and didn't help me. Using Corsair's software I can't even turn on or off the LED, when I click it does nothing. Setting functions to the side buttons, such as the sniper also doesn't work.


I think when I started using it, before doing the firmware upgrade the side button used to work, now that I have upgraded nothing works, and I can't even repatch the firmware. Says "Cannot open USB device, please plug the device into a USB port or reinstall driver!".

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Ok, I managed to make it work. Here is what happened:


When I first plugged it on my computer, I updated the firmware without installing the driver, but I did it through USB 3.0 (could have been the reason of the mess). Well, as you may have seen in the topic, the cursor started moving by itself, the LED didn't answer to software's command (couldn't turn on/off), and I also couldn't assign any command to the additional buttons (sniper, back and forward). In another words: The firmware as messed up.


Reading this topic I saw that firmware could bring up some problems. So I am going to say what I did, copying some steps from the other post:


*With the mice on your USB 2.0.


0) Uninstall all drivers from your M60 (if you have it installed);

1) Install Firmware Software Updater (don't execute it yet);

2) Start->Control Panel->Power Options->Change Plan Settings->Change Advanced Power Settings->USB Settings->USB selective suspend setting->Disabled.

3) Right-click on KBD BOOT LOADER and select 'Properties';

4) Click on the Hardware tab. You should see 'HID Keyboard Device' and another item. Select the other item, then click 'Properties'.

7) Click on the 'Change Settings' button on the first page of the Properties dialog;

8) Click on 'Update Driver';

9) Select 'Browse my computer for driver software';

Now here is the thing: Instead of selecting the Drive file inside Corsair's Updater folder, you will uncheck "Show compatible hardware" and select Manufacture: Corsair and then you will see M60 driver;

10) Install the Driver. It will detect your M60;

11) Update your Firmware through Corsair's and now it will detect your mice instead of giving that crazy error;

12) Your mouse may be frozen and even an Exclamation point will appear on Printers and Devices so just click on Fix problem. Windows may fix it by itself;

*If your mouse is still frozen, try restarting your computer and change it to another USB Port.

Your mouse should be fixed now.



I sincerely hope it will help players around the world. What I been through I hope no one do.

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