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ok couple questions WHAT IS THE optimal fan speed for the h80i 1 and 2? Also I have them intaking air! Is that supposed to be like that. Then the next question is what temp should the pump be at. I am asking this because when i game the fan 2 GETS so loud, can i replace these with Noctua fans cause they arew WAY lower in decibals compared to the stock ones.
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Optimal fan speed in general would be a preference to the user itself. Some may like it to run at 1600rpm and some may run it at 2000+rpm depending on how the user see it fit, varying from noise level to CPU temp.


Intake would ideal but that can always change depending on the airflow set up in the case.


There is no temp reading on the pump, if you meant rpm then it should be around 2200rpm.


You can change the fans to a third party fan but they will not be able to control the fan's rpm via C Link software.

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