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Corsair Link Cooling Kit and known compatible fans


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I just purchased an AX 760i PSU, and the Lighting and Cooling Kit, and they should be here in the next week. I currently have an h100i, which, after a week or so of tinkering, I was finally able to get full control of my radiator fans and led in Windows 8. Hopefully adding the new parts to the loop won't require a similar amount of tweaking :biggrin:


My case has 4x230mm fans, 4x120mm fans, and a 1x140mm fan, in addition to the 2x120mm fans that came with the h100i.


I would like to add two more static pressure 120mm fans to my h100i and put it in a push/pull configuration. I would also like to control all of my case fans and h100i fans through the Commander unit and Link software. The case fans I have now (with the exception of the 140mm) all came with the case, and run off of 4 pin molex connectors. I'm guessing that these will not work with the commander and Link software.


Is there a list, or does anyone know, what fans are known and proven to work and be controlled with the Link software? I'm guessing any fans with speed selectors/switches are out of the picture. I'll need 230mm, 140mm and 120mm fans, highest CFM possible. Will fans powered by molex connectors work? Also, what fans should I get to match up with the stock h100i fans (that will be controlled as well.) I was going to get a pair of SP120 High Performance fans, but I want to double check that they will function the same way the stock h100i fans function.


Thanks for any and all help and advice!

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We don't know what works with the Corsair Link as there is no info on which fans are compatible other than stating their own. Most fans that have some what control (Like mine) are usually PWM fans as the circuitry is PWM manageable but have heard of others using 3 pin fans as well.


Always make sure you don't overload the cooling node. Each cooling node is 2 amps max per channel and 4 amps max as a whole.


If you have fans that are powered by a molex and have a secondary PWM wire than you should be fine as those won't be pulling power from the node. Its when you are using the node to power your fans is when you have to watch your amps. High CFM fans pull ALOT of amps so I would advice you into buying a few more cooling nodes if anything but first check and see if any of them have any control with the one node. Make sure again you don't overload it with too many amps but as stated above as long youre within specs you should be fine otherwise you will most likely damage the node.

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I'll most likely go with Bitfenix Spectre Pros for the 230mm case fans, and Corsair AF Performance editions for the 120mm and 140mm Case fans. The 230mm fans are rated max .5 amps so I should be ok. I'd play it safe and go with Corsair for the 230mm fans, but AFAIK Corsair doesn't make any that size. I should mention that I'll be removing one or two of the 230mm fans from the top of my case in order to make room for push/pull on the h100i radiator.


Would I be better off getting 4 SP120 High performance fans for the h100i and using a cooling node to control? It's amazing to me that Corsair gave the h100i the ability to control 4 fans, but doesn't sell any of the stock fans separately. While the SP120's are close, they aren't the same RPM's as the h100i stock fans. I ordered 2 cooling nodes, so I should have enough to control all my case fans.


Thanks for your help. I'm hoping the fans I get work and that I didn't waste money on this cooling/lighting kit. I'll report back when it all arrives.

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This is where I'm getting confused. Is it confirmed that only PWM fans work? I keep reading on this forum and others that some 3 pin non PWM fans work, but then no one ever says what fans. Do all PWM fans work or just some?


You are correct, there is no such thing as a PWM fan larger than 140mm AFAIK.


I know Corsair doesn't want to put other manufacturer's brands on their site, but it would be nice to know what fans offer full control based on their own testing, especially when Corsair only manufactures two sizes of fans.


I also keep reading, but can't find confirmation, on whether or not Corsair SP 120's will work (as in fully controllable like the stock fans) with the h100i.


I'm honestly tempted to just report that my stock h100i fans are grinding/buzzing so I can get a second pair like others recently have, but I'm not going to be dis-honest about it. I wish I could just buy the damn things somehow so I'm not wasting my money trying out every fan under the sun just to get a controllable push/pull configuration.


I'll pick up 3 AF 120's and a 140 since those seem to definitely work, and are fully controllable via a cooling node from what I'm hearing (unless they aren't, if not, someone please let me know.)

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