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Buying from Ebay


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So I had a few questions regarding purchasing a Corsair PSU via Ebay, I am not sure if Corsair will stand by the warranty if I do that, even if it is still in the shrink wrap?


Also I have a system


Asus Sabertooth z77

i7 3770k stock (for the time being)

16gb patriot viper ram

gtx 670 (will upgrade to dual gtx 680's or get a titan card when they come on the market via step up :p:)

2x 250gb ssd's in raid0

4x 1tb in raid5


I really want to get the 1200i as it is the best and baddest but that would mean I would have to wait a week or so to get the money, whereas I could get an 850i or other PSU right away for less.


Any suggestions?

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