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A few H80i questions from a new Corsair Link user


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My new case didn't play too well with a combo of Crossfire and the H100 in the front, so I got a new H80i so my 7970s can get some fresh air. So far it's actually doing BETTER than the H100, but I have a few questions about it. Some might have been answered in previous forum threads, but I didn't notice any.


1. Are there lighting kits for Corsair link that work with the H80i? I see the separate lighting kit, but is that necessary for the H80i?


2. What's up with the little black number to the right of every temperature and CPU usage reading? At light usage it's saying weird numbers like 192 (19% + some third number reading 2)?


3. The "Radeon temperature" readings seem to be inconsistent from MSI Afterburner and CCC for my 7970s, showing about 20c higher. Where is it reading those from?


4. The current firmware is 1.0.4 according to Link. I've read a lot of things about issues. I don't have any with it at the moment, but should I update anyway?


Sorry for the barrage of questions, but I'm curious as to what all I can do with Corsair Link. I'm loving the H80i so far!

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1. The lighting kit is an add on to the whole Corsair Link set up. It is a separate LED strips that can be controlled via Corsair Link SW depending on how the user see it fit. The H80i will function even with out the Lighting kit.


2. The is the group #. You can always move one reading from one group to another under Groups tab.


3. C Link is using a different engine to monitor these values.. You may not get the same reading when using a different utility.


4. If you are not having any issue DO NOT flash the FW at all.

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